January 2014: It's been too long since the last update but some new items have been added to make the site a bit more current. New great photos like our banner above from our friend Joe Arena, new videos and some upcoming shows and new songs in the works. In August the band added Mike St. Clair (formerly of Scarlet Escape) on drums, a big welcome to Mike and thanks for stepping in just in time for the big Mile of Music shows!

Working with Marc Golde at Rock Garden Studio in Appleton, WI the band completed it's latest CD "Into the Modern Wasteland" in late March. Marc had an idea to make a music video while recording songs for the new album, this track called THE BLACK IN GREY was captured while we recorded the tracks and vocals. Much thanks to Marc for creating such a great capture of this new track written about the darker parts of our fair city.




 We'd also like to profusely thank our friend Chad Brady who painted us our new album cover based on his inspiration from our music. "Cuddles" the snake, could not have come out any better and we're so lucky to have your amazing work of art as our album cover!



Our friend Heather Landers stopped out to the Reptile Palace to catch some shots of the band in action. Some great live shots can be seen in the gallery. Check out Landers Photography in the Fox Valley area!


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LTB News!

LTB News! 

The band has been lying low with the birth in the LTB family but the band has worked on some new songs for the next album. I don't think we've publicly acknowledged the fact that we have a new drummer, Mike St. Clair (formerly of Scarlet Escape), Mike debuted at the Mile of Music festival and has fit right in as he was a long time friend. We are happy to announce an amazing show coming up on Feb 7th for a benefit of a great new internet radio station called The Great Unknown (www.thegreatunknownradio.com), this station highlights nearly 300 Wisconsin bands including some LTB songs. The show will be at Mill Creek in Appleton and will include The Haunted Heads, The Belle Weather (from MKE) and Jacob Fannin.

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